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Adventists and Military Service

SKU# 9788472087095

By Frank M. Hasel, Barna Magyarosi, Stefan Höschele

ISBN: 9788472087095 | 228 pages | Distributed by Pacific Press Publishing | Copyright 2019

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Pages 228
Author Barna Magyarosi, Stefan Höschele, Frank M. Hasel
Publisher Distributed by Pacific Press Publishing
Language ENG
Book Group TRA
Title Alpha Adventists and Military Service
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Year Published 2019
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Frank M. Hasel

Frank M. Hasel, Ph.D., is an Associate Director of the Biblical Research Institute (BRI). Prior to his work at the BRI he served as an ordained pastor in Germany and was a Bible teacher and dean of the theology department at Bogenhofen Seminary in Austria. The story of the Hasel family, who dared to practice their faith during the challenging war times of World War II, is told in the bestselling book “A Thousand Shall Fall” by Susi Hasel Mundy and Maylan Schurch (Pacific Press, 2001).


Barna Magyarosi

Barna Magyarosi, Ph.D., is the chairman of the Biblical Research Committee (BRC) of the Inter-European-Division (EUD), where he also serves as Executive Secretary of the EUD. He wrote his doctoral dissertation about the wars in the Old Testment at the University of Bucharest, Romania. His dissertation is published by the Adventist Theological Society under the title Holy War and Cosmic Conflict in the Old Testament: From the Exodus to the Exile (Adventist Theological Society Dissertation Series (Berrien Springs, MI: Adventist Theological Society Publications, 2010).


Stefan Höschele

Stefan Höschele, Ph.D., teaches Systematic Theology and Mission Studies at Friedensau Adventist University in Germany where he is also the dean of the school of theology. Prior to his service at Friedensau he has worked as missionary in Algeria and Tanzania for several years. He also taught at Tanzania Adventist College, Arusha (now University of Arusha), and received his Ph.D. from the University of Malawi in 2005. In 2017 he did his Habilitation at the Charles University of Prague on the subject of “Interchurch Relations in Seventh-day Adventist History: A Study in Ecumenics”.

Audrey Andersson

Timely, comprehensive and challenging - well worth reading

Since the inception of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, individuals and the organisation have grappled with the question of whether it is right to engage in military service. Time has not resolved the complexities of the discussion.
This book provides thoughtful, comprehensive coverage of the subject, beginning with war and violence in the Old Testament, the non-violent stance of the New Testament, the development of these concepts throughout history, and their influence on the various strands of Christianity and modern thought. The twists and turns of the Adventist journey from the pacifism of the first official statement in 1867, to the current position are carefully mapped out.
The relevance and timeliness of this book is underlined by the heart-wrenching stories of non-combatants, the challenges of those facing genocide and what happens when the shooting stops and combatants come home.
These chapters provide different perspectives, which are given their application in the chapter on the ethical challenges of military service. The practical realities and ethical dilemmas of killing, sabbath keeping, patriotism, allegiance, lifestyle and military training are all examined. The clarity of the arguments forces the reader to face uncomfortable realities and make a personal decision.
It is concise, informative and comprehensive. For the reader who wants to find out more there are useful appendices of official Seventh-day Adventist statements and two bibliographies. This is a must-read book for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the issues of surrounding military service, Adventist engagement in war and the bearing of arms.