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Cadet Sisters

The Cadet Sisters have been singing together since 1990. Their singing career began during a talent praise program at the Hyde Park Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Chicago, Illinois. The oldest daughter, Natalie, four years old at the time sang with Tatiana, age three. As the other sisters were born (Nadege, Michaelle, and Melissa) and began to cultivate their voices, they joined their older siblings. People often said that they sounded like chipmunks. The youngest sibling is currently three years old and waits her turn to join the group.

Whereas most female groups sing 2 to 3 part harmony, the Cadet Sisters are unique in that they sing 4 to 5 part harmony. They are probably the only female vocalist group singing this number of parts at their ages (which range from 17 to 10). To accomplish this level of competence, they practice Monday through Friday as part of their home schooling curriculum.

They have sung (to God's glory) in many churches and participated in concerts and camp meetings in a number of states, including Utah, California, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, Alabama, Illinois, Maryland and Washington. They have appeared on Kids Time, 3ABN presents and Melody from My Heart, programs aired on Three Angels Broadcasting Network, one of the largest Christian television networks which reaches every continent in the world.

The girls are actively involved in church activities and independent ministries. In addition to their singing, they are currently working with the Bangladesh Christian School Sponsorship of America (BCSSA), a ministry that builds orphanages and schools for less fortunate children in Bangladesh and India. They also enjoy school, reading, cooking, family outings, bike riding, and a good Bible study discussion. This is their first CD.


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Wonderful Words of Life
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