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Eileen E. Lantry

Of the seventeen books written by Eileen E. Lantry, two show how God used the faith and dedication of two men, who lived a century apart, to change the lives of the neglected Amerindians of Guyana, South America. Eileen felt honored and privileged to share with others how God used O.E. Davis and David Gates in close partnership with Him. In 2001 via dugout canoe and bush plane, she thrilled with joy as she worshipped with over a thousand dedicated "Davis Indians" in the Mt. Roraima area of Guyana and Venezuela.

"I've always been a missionary at heart," she said, "but God has given my husband and I the joy of sharing His love with many precious people overseas for sixteen years, mostly in Southeast Asia. Maranatha has added many shorter volunteer trips to other areas of the world."

Eileen has taught school from kindergarten to college. As a librarian she especially enjoys organizing school libraries so the students will be challenged to increase in knowledge. She combines Bible study and nature's secrets by introducing God's two marvelous books to youth in many countries. Mission projects combined with adding new birds, plants, and animals to her life list give travel a Christ-centered purpose.

Life is always fun as she squeezes into her busy schedule hobbies like gardening, cross-country skiing, and making scrapbooks of the places in the world where God sends her and her husband, Jay. Two sons and four grandchildren add to her joy. Truly she can say with John 1:16, "From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."



Currently Available from Eileen E. Lantry

Jungle Adventurer
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
Good People Get Burned Too
Paperback   Copyright 2016 Qty Purchase  
King of the Cannibals
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
Mission in the Clouds
Paperback   Copyright 2018 Qty Purchase  
Mission Miracles

Price: $14.99

Special Price: $3.97

Paperback   Copyright 2006 Qty Purchase  
Dark Night, Brilliant Star
Paperback   Copyright 2016 Qty Purchase  
Dark Light
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
Why Me, Lord?
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
Mission Pilot
Paperback Book   Copyright 2002 Qty Purchase  
The Vitality Makers
Paperback   Copyright 2017 Qty Purchase  
Mamma Stahl and the Butterfly Girl
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
He Chose to Listen
Paperback   Copyright 2014 Qty Purchase  
Miss Marian's Gold
Paperback   Copyright 2012 Qty Purchase  

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Broken Stick
Paperback Book   Copyright 2010 Qty  
A Family Guide to Sabbath Nature Activities
Paperback   Copyright 2016 Qty  

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Piloto Misionero

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Paperback   Copyright 2005 Qty  
Dark Light

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Paperback Book   Copyright 1998 Qty  
Broken Stick (eBook)
eBook   Copyright 2009 Qty