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Elaine Egbert

Elaine Egbert, a secretary and a former dean of women, enjoys close encounters with nature. She has kept birds in her basement and boa constrictors, iguanas, and chameleons in her bedroom. She talks to goats, and they talk back. Her seven previous books, with locales in the Northwest rain forest, the deserts of New Mexico, or the alligator-infested Florida swamps, were written on location. Her family has included a coati, five baby opossums, three children, a neurotic cat, and one biology-smitten husband


Currently Available from Elaine Egbert

Shipwreck on Devil's Island
Paperback   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  
Till Morning Breaks
Paperback   Copyright 2014 Qty Purchase  
No Matter the Cost
Paperback   Copyright 2017 Qty Purchase  

No Longer Available

Nature in a Nutshell

Price: $13.99

Special Price: $4.97

Hardcover Book   Copyright 2003 Qty  
The Edge of Eternity

Price: $12.99

Special Price: $2.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 2001 Qty  
Till Morning Breaks

Price: $6.97

Special Price: $2.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 1999 Qty