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Philip G. Samaan

A former professor in the Theological Seminary at Andrews University in Michigan, a missionary in Africa, and a previous chief editor of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide at the General Conference in Maryland. Dr. Philip G. Samaan is currently a professor in the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. He is the author of several books including: Christ's Way to Pray, Christ's Way
 of Affirmation, Christ's Way to Restoration, Christ's Way to Spiritual Growth, and Christ's Way of Making Disciples.


Currently Available from Philip G. Samaan

Dare to Be a Daniel
Paperback   Copyright 2015 Qty Purchase  
Abraham's Other Son: Islam Among Judaism and Christianity

Price: $16.99

Special Price: $13.97

Paperback   Copyright 2012 Qty Purchase  

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Christ's Way of Affirmation

Price: $13.99

Special Price: $10.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 2011 Qty  
Christ's Way to Restoration

Price: $12.99

Special Price: $9.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 2009 Qty  
Christ's Way of Making Disciples
Paperback Book   Copyright 2000 Qty  

No Longer Available

Christ's Way to Pray
Paperback Book   Copyright 2003 Qty  
Christ's Way to Pray
Paperback Book   Copyright 2003 Qty  
Christ's Way to Spiritual Growth
Paperback Book   Copyright 2001 Qty  
Christ's Method Alone
Paperback Book   Copyright 2012 Qty  
Christ's Way of Reaching People
Paperback Book   Copyright 1999 Qty