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William G. Johnsson

William G. Johnsson, Ph.D., has devoted most of his life to ministry, serving as a missionary, seminary profressor, editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World, and now in interfaith relations. He has been blessed with a wonderful spouse, two accomplished children, and two amazing granddaughters.


Currently Available from William G. Johnsson

The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier: Hebrews
Paperback Book   Copyright 2018 Qty Purchase  
Jesus of Nazareth Volumes 1 and 2
Paperback   Copyright 2016 Qty Purchase  
The Fragmenting of Adventism
Paperback Book   Copyright 2017 Qty Purchase  
Embrace the Impossible
Paperback Book   Copyright 2008 Qty Purchase  
The Essential Jesus
Paperback Book   Copyright 2012 Qty Purchase  
Mark: The Gospel of Jesus
Paperback Book   Copyright 2005 Qty Purchase  
Life is Good (eBook)
eBook   Copyright 2013 Qty Purchase  

No Longer Available

Marcos, El Evangelio de Jesús

Price: $5.99

Special Price: $3.97

Paperback   Copyright 2005 Qty  
Life is Good: The Best is Yet to Come

Price: $8.99

Special Price: $6.97

Paperback   Copyright 2012 Qty  
Glimpses of Grace: Scenes from My Journey

Price: $10.99

Special Price: $3.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 2001 Qty  
The Essential Jesus
Paperback Book   Copyright 2002 Qty  
¿Se Fragmentará la Iglesia?
Paperback Book   Copyright 2005 Qty  
Wising Up
Paperback Book   Copyright 1999 Qty  
Jesus A Heart Full of Grace (adult)

Price: $13.99

Special Price: $2.97

Hardcover Book   Copyright 2006 Qty  
The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier : Hebrews

Price: $12.99

Special Price: $1.97

Paperback Book   Copyright 1999 Qty